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What's "Omotesenke"?
In Japan, there are three major schools of Tea Ceremony or Chanoyu.
The Omote-Senke, tea ceremony of "Fushin-an" is one of them.
The Omotesenke was derived from "Wabi-Cha" formed by Mr. Sen Rikyu (1522-91).He established the Wabi-Cha as a more practical tea ceremony with a more modern style than one in the medieval era.
Rikyu's second son, Mr. Shouan(1564-1614) succeeded his father in Fushinan, the tearoom of Senke. For over 400 years, the Omotesenke of Tea ceremony has been inherited from one generation to another.

The Shinmi school is one of the Omotesenke's branch schools.
Join our school and you may easily learn Tea ceremony and may have some wonderful experiences with connetccing Japanese culture.

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