The Sogetsu Ikebana
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What's "Sogetsu" ?
The Sogetsu Ikebana school was established in 1926.
The Sogetsu is ...
_1. anyone can enjoy it.
_2. anywhere can be decorated with the work.
_3. anything can be used as material.
The above are major 3 features of the Sogetsu Ikebana. In addition to that, with a few flowers or even greens available, you may create a work of the Sogetsu.
Nowadays, the Sogetsu has many classes throughout the world.

The Sogetsu teaches its style using standard curriculums consisting of 4 textbooks.
The first grade "Nyumon (Introduction)" is followed by the 2nd grade "Tenkainkai (developments)", 3rd grade "Kousei (composition)", and 4th grade "Henyou (transfiguration)".
With these well-organized guides, you will find no difficulties to study the Sogetsu.

The Shinmi school is one of the Sogetsu's branch schools.
Join our school and you may easily learn Flower arrangement and may have some wonderful experiences with connetccing Japanese culture.

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